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About the Photographer - Jeff Poe

Jeff is photographer based out of Manhattan Beach, CA.  Jeff has been traveling with his camera since before college and has been printing his work for over 15 years.  He enjoys the challenge of shooting everything from landscape photography, surreal night portraits, and events.  

There are rarely a few weeks that go by that he isn't taking a road trip or traveling to a new destination.  If he's not at the beach, you can usually find him camping and hiking in the mountains.

His love for photography started at an early age and as he began to travel more, it was a way for him to document his adventures.  Still constantly traveling, he has since been to over 18 countries and 40 states.  In his free time, you will find him playing beach volleyball, surfing, hiking, and checking out local museums and galleries.  

Check an in-depth article about my background motivations published in Voyage LA by clicking here.  

Another recent interview by Shout out LA here.  

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