Annette and Jeff,

Great meeting you the other night and thank you for showing me your beautiful home.  I'm honored you're entrusting me to bring your home d├ęcor ideas to life.  

I made a different gallery for every space we talked about and added some more information about the pictures and framing options.  If you like anything, just let me know and we can discuss how that image will fit into the overall theme and colors of the room.  

I definitely want you to find exactly what you're looking for and help make you feel home in Manhattan Beach.

Thanks again for considering me and please let me know if you have any questions.



Living Room Options

This is the first thing you or any guest will see when they come up the stairs.  It's the centerpiece and needs to wow you and anyone who might be visiting. 

With the dimensions (130 x 42) I think a panoramic shot would look best here.  I would probably favor a 3 piece one (especially with your ceiling lights), but I think a single piece would also look spectacular.   

By splitting them into thirds, you also open up the option to have matted prints, but I think a framed floating non-glare metal or acrylic would look best.  Another option would be an 8 foot longboard with a panoramic image printed on it.  You can see examples here.  

Frame Colors:  Silver, Black, White, Walnut

Upstairs Bathroom Hallway -28x36

Since this in a spot you will always be waking directly towards, I really like the leading lines like you're walking into the scene.  A dreamy walk on the beach or pier or an abstract would probably work best here.  

Again, these are in order of my favorites but you have a lot of options with this space.

Frame Colors:  Silver, Black, White

Downstairs Room Far Wall (48 x 36)

A nice bright photo that matches your color scheme would work best here.  I added some photos that are more green and bright in nature and I even threw in some Chicago pics that are more abstract.

This room might look best with all matted framed pics.

Frame Options: Grey, light blue, white, sea green

Downstairs Room - Wall Cluster

The South wall in the downstairs room would be fun to have a cluster of2 -5 photos of varying sizes.  We had talked about a black and white wall and this could be a good spot for it. 

You have a lot of options with my wall, and if you decide on a cluster I can work with you to find photos that have a nice flow to them.  I included some of my top choices that are B&W and more abstract but I have many more that would work here.

Frame colors: Black, grey

Pictures that tell a story

All of these pictures tell a compelling story that could be a fun talking point for any guests you have.  

1.  Marine St. Lifeguard Stand Sunset - this image was on the front page of the local newspaper, The Beach Reporter when they ran a story about my Lifeguard Tower series.  I photographed every lifeguard tower in the Southbay and multiple newspapers ran stories about the launch which was hosted by a local surf shop.  Read the stories here.

2.  The Woosley fire rages - these are some striking images from the Woosley fire burning in Malibu viewed from South of the Manhattan Beach pier.  Some of these images were shared on Fox LA and ABC LA.  

3.  Lightning storm off the coast early March.  I'm not sure if you were in town a few weeks ago but if you were, mother nature put on quite the show.  An electric night and some fun pics to talk about.

4.  Marine St Lifeguard Tower - it's the closest lifeguard tower and it's where you picked to live out of anywhere in the world.

5.  Photo Mosaics - these photos are made up of over 2,500 smaller images.  Each image measures less than half an inch and any image can be made into one of these.  

Black and White/Abstract

These are all more on the abstract side.  Either color or B&W, these could work in some spaces downstairs or in smaller sizes around the house.  

Big Waves

Jeff - here's a bunch of photos from 12.17.18 where large waves were crashing on the pier.  This is just a gallery I made for you to look at and enjoy.  Some of these could be printed in smaller sizes if you like them.


Some shots from your colder and less sandy home. These are all from my trip to Chicago in August 2018 during the air show weekend.  

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