I've always loved giving back and I'm excited to start partnering with select charities that help the community.  Each gallery on this page has an associated charity that anywhere from 25%-100% of profits will be donated to.  Thanks for supporting these great causes and click on the gallery to see more!

Each month I will select a new charity and promote it through this page so check back often.   Consider any purchase off this page as a donation to that charity, with the wall art as a thank you and a token of our appreciation.  Together, we can make great things happen!

Coronavirus - Feed the Heroes

This month's charity is set up to help provide meals to healthcare workers in the Los Angeles area.  Downtown Manhattan Beach has partnered with local restaurants to help provide meals to ER staff in our local hospitals.  Not only are they providing meals to health heroes who are working on the front lines, they are also helping support local restaurants who are explicitly relying on takeout orders to stay afloat. 

Please consider purchasing one of these images as a way to give back to our medical heroes.  100% of proceeds from this selection of images will go towards feeding our health heroes.  You can learn more or donate directly to this fund by clicking here.  

During these unpreceded times, many things are changing.  It's been very interesting to document history as I've taken my camera with me on my walks.  Beaches are closed, highways are empty, and there are long lines at grocery stores.  To see my whole Coronavirus collection, click here.  

No one is more prevalent on the front lines than our health heroes.  I have a special place in my heart for medical workers as I have an extensive background in the medical field myself.  I've spent the last 15 years working in hospitals and operating rooms selling medical devices used in procedures ranging from orthopedics to open heart surgeries.  This is after spending time as an EMT and volunteer firefighter as well as holding positions as a phlebotomist, IV tech, and EKG tech.  

Breast Cancer - City of Hope Hospital

I've always had an affinity for the Southern California lifeguard stands, and when I found out one was getting painted pink to help raise money for breast cancer, I knew I had to photograph it.  My initial goal was to add this to my "Liefeguard Towers of CA" mini-series which has over 300 images of these iconic towers in it.   But when I arrived at the pink tower at sunset to shoot, I met Alex Abad of Compass Realty, who was the one who organized this whole thing to begin with.  He raised over $50,000 for City of Hope and organized multiple fundraisers for cancer research.  His passion for this cause and infectious personality quickly inspired me to give back as well. 

After some consideration, I decided to start this charitable page on my website and will start by donating 100% of profits of any image sold of the pink Tower 60.  All proceeds will be donated to City of Hope (a leading cancer hospital in Los Angeles). 

If you enjoy these photos or have been affected by cancer, please feel free to make a donation to City of Hope and have a pink reminder on your wall as a thank you! (Please note this tower is no longer pink and these images can no longer be replicated.)

You can learn more about City of Hope at https://www.cityofhope.org/giving/give-now.

If you'd like to see my lifeguard tower series in its entirety, please click here.

Australian Wildfires - Wildlife Warriors Charity

By now you have most likely heard about the devastating wildfires that spread throughout Australia and by some estimates killed as many 1 billion animals.  One of my favorite animals, the koala, was hit the hardest because they're slow on the ground and unable to escape the flames or the smoldering ground.  This months charity of choice is Wildlife Warriors, which is the animal hospital affiliated with Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo.  100% of profits will go towards helping them fund care for some for some of the over 90,000 animals they received during the fires.  

Australia Zoo has a special place in my heart and I've actually visited 3 times over the years.  I never met Steve Irwin but he inspired me to live a life full of passion and energy.  When he passed during a freak accident, my phone rang more times that day that any of my birthdays because my friends knew how much I respected and admired him.  I was even "Croc Hunter" for Halloween in college and to this date is still my favorite costume.  

His wife Terry and kids Bindi and Robert now run his zoo and foundation and continue his legacy and conservation efforts.  

Australia is one of my favorite countries and I've visited 3 times and I even lived and studied there for 6 months while in college.  Whether you've been to Australia or just think koalas are cute, please consider buying a photo from this gallery and making a donation to Australia Wildlife Warriors.  

You can see more of their amazing work at https://wildlifewarriors.org.au/.  

Cheers Mate!

This charity was selected through inspiration from Tony Hewitt, a neighbor turned friend in Manhattan Beach, CA. He was deeply troubled by the atrocities happening to rhinos in Africa so he decided to quit his job, sell everything, and join a conservation project in South Africa to help reduce poaching and protect biodiversity.

This month’s photos and charity selection are both from Tony. The charity is African Wildlife Vets and 100% of profits will go towards helping them support and care for endangered wildlife. Poaching is a huge problem across Southern Africa, and they offer supplemental veterinarian support for priority species. Did you know that most poaching occurs under a full moon and that by weight, rhino horn is worth more than gold?

I admire that Tony left everything behind for nearly two years to monitor threatened wildlife for the Kwa-Zulu Natal Parks Board. He had a huge impact and this month’s addition is in honor of him.

If you would like to make a donation to African Wildlife Vets and receive one of these images as a thank you, we would greatly appreciate it.

You can learn more about their mission here http://www.africanwildlifevets.org/aboutus/.

Thanks for your sacrifice Tony!

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