Welcome - guests of Dan and Talia's wedding on June 30th, 2018!  I hope you had a great time at the wedding and participating in our "Interactive Photobooth"!  Below you will find a gallery of photos from that memorable night.  If you see your picture and want to download it, simply click on the image and hit the download button.  You can save it right to your phone or your computer.  Feel free to tag @jeffpoephoto on social media if you are sharing.  

If you see a picture you want to print on paper, metal, or canvas you can also order that directly from this page.  Click on the image, click on the shopping cart and you will be directed to another screen that has options for paper prints, wall art, and keepsakes.  Simply browse what  you are interested in, select the size you want, adjust your crop, and add it to your cart.  Shipping to anywhere in the US is available.  In addition, use coupon code "DanandTalia" at checkout for 25% off your order.  

About the Photographer


Jeff Poe is a photographer based in Manhattan Beach, CA.  His love for photography began at an early age and used it to document his travels around the US and abroad.  You will either find him at the beach or in the mountains and he'll always stop for sunset. 

His love for long exposures and night photography began with shooting the Milky Way and enjoying the peace and solitude that being under the night sky in the middle of nowhere offers.  He started experimenting with different light sources and became obsessed with the idea of playing with light and fire under the night sky to create surreal images.  Since then, he's become a local leader in night photography portraits and is available for weddings and events.  

Feel free to share his work with anyone who has a love for surreal night landscapes and portraits.  @jeffpoephoto @jrpphoto

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