It was great meeting you last week at the PSPF portfolio review.  I appreciate the feedback and I hope this is the beginning of a nice working relationship for the years to come.  Below is a bit more information on myself and the projects I'm working on.  Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions at 310-256-1358 or  I hope you're enjoying your photo coasters!

About Me:

I'm a self taught photographer who has always had a passion for photography.  I started traveling internationally with my family when I was a teenager and using photography as a way to capture those memories forever.  Since then, I have visited almost 20 countries and over 40 states.  

With a background in medical device sales, photography was always a passion project and my home became a gallery of my favorite travel pictures on constant rotation.  After a near-fatal car accident in January 2017, I decided to focus more on making a business out of photography and have been growing steadily since.  

To learn more about my journey, click here.

Series and book ideas

Lifeguard Series

This series contains images of the iconic lifeguard towers across Southern CA and is expanding to coastal cities in the United States.  This series is ongoing and has challenged me to capture these subjects in a unique, fresh perspective.  

Read more about this series in a local newspaper article here.  

This series highlights commercial and residential Holiday Lights around greater Los Angeles.  Every year around the holidays I expand this series in an effort to bring spectacular light displays to as many people as possible.  

Read more about this series in a local newspaper article here.  

365 Days of Photos

This is an ongoing series to have a striking picture for every day of the year.  Certain dates hold sentimental value for people and this series speaks to every individual, whether it be a birthday, anniversary, or other major life event.  This can be turned into a daily calendar or book.  

Upcoming Series

Aerial CA Piers

Disney Princess

CA College Campuses 

Venice Grafitti

Vertical Pano - Piers

Same Same

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