Interactive Photobooth Experience

This interactive photobooth experience is guarenteed to take your event to the next level.  We combine cutting edge light painting techniques with LED and neon props to give guests a photo booth experience like no other.  

This style photobooth is so unique that only a few other companies in the world are offering anything similar!

Guests have been raving about this experience and it is amazing to watch them unlock their creative side and make a truly memorable photo.  

Some Past Events

Some images from past events:

Untitled photo

How it works:

Grab a prop, strike a pose, and let our expert lightpainters do the rest.  You tell us what your favorite color is or what type of design you want and we paint behind you with a variety of lights to make it happen!  The final photo is immediately displayed on a nearby TV screen as the guests in line watch in amazement.  We can even print your photo and brand it or add text.  You can grab any of our ever-growing light up or standard props or just make a goofy face.  

Check below for behind the scenes action and examples of props:

Examples of Props and LED lights that guests can choose

Untitled photo

This interactive photobooth Is guaranteed to take your event to the next level and will leave your guests raving about the experience.  Me and my team love being able to bring this style of photography to new people and watch them combine props, colors, and shapes for the perfect picture!  Some of the tools and techniques we use are only being done in a few other places across the world!!!

We can find a place in any venue to set up and let the guests enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Please consider us for your next wedding, corporate event, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or party.  Props and backdrops can be customized for any event and the possibilities to create something memorable, fun, and unique for your guests is truly unlimited!

Click below to contact me or feel free to call or text me at 310-256-1358 if you have any questions.  You can also reach me at

What people are saying:

"Jeff - we had such an incredible time at the wedding, and your photography experience was the highlight of the evening! Everyone told us how much enjoyed it and all the photos are beautiful. Such a special and unique experience!" ~T.S.

"We got the prints. Thank you!! We’ve already framed one and are enjoying it moment-to-moment. That for making our day so wonderful. I love following your work on Instagram — you are AWESOME!" ~ M.W.

"Such a pleasure working with you, seriously, and I want us to work together more next year. Happy Holidays!" ~W.C.

Who we are:

We are a team of 3 avid lightpainters led by Jeff Poe.  Jeff fell in love with lightpainting years ago and has quickly become recognized as one of the best in the industry .  His work has been sold in galleries around Los Angeles and featured all over the internet.  Jeff and his team, Joey and Akshaya, often work with professional models to practice new techniques and constantly bring you the latest and greatest the world of lightpainting has to offer!  We love being able to introduce as many people as possible to this unique style of photography.  

You can view more work by visiting my gallery here or on Instagram @jeffpoeportraits.  

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