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I'm very excited to start this project for you.  I appreciate you showing me around and look forward to helping you get some color on the walls.  There are a lot of options and custom things we can do but I am listing below the areas in which you'd like to take care of first.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions.  

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Stage 1

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Waiting Area

Wall Dimensions:  146" x 134"h 

Picture Dimensions:  40"x70"

Framing Options:  Framed metal

I want this picture to be an attention grabber.  A local stunning night skyline shot of Nashville.

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Conference Room

Wall Dimensions:  232" x 10'.  The side walls are 68" x 10' respectively.  

Picture Dimensions:  40"x144" Panoramic

Framing Options:  A solid panoramic of the skyline would work here.  Another option could  be a custom skyline backlit sign.  

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Showroom Offices

Wall Dimensions:  145" x 10'

Picture Dimensions: Each 40x60 

Framing Options:  Metal (framed or unframed).  

I think here is a great place to break up the bright white room with some color.  Here are the three pictures that work nicely together here.  

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Lisa's Office

Wall Dimensions: 144" x 10'

Picture Dimensions: 30"x60"

Framing Options:  A large panoramic works here.  I think because you live in Nashville and will spend a lot of time in the other areas, a mountain scene will hep you escape when you're in your office.              

I think at least one dog portrait would work here on the side wall.  We can do one big picture or a collage of family and pets.  

73' x 10' left window wall

90' x 10' middle right wall

Stage 2

Front Desk Sign

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I am getting some estimates from a few different sign companies for this.  A redesign may be needed on the logo so that it can all be one piece and float off the wall.  Backlighting is possible.  

A measurement of the wall or desk would be helpful but I am estimating a size somewhere between 4' x 2'.  

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Front Hallway Wall 

Wall Dimensions: 81" x 10'

Picture Dimensions:

Framing Options:  This is a unique space that lends itself to a vertical panoramic shot or something custom like a guitar.  A portrait of your dog could even go here.  

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Daughter's Office

Wall Dimensions: 136" x 10'

Picture Dimensions:

Framing Options:  One large picture would work here.  A skyline or bridge picture, or even one of Belmont University would work.  If your daughter will stay in that office, I would make sure it is something she loves.  

Untitled photo

Gene's Office

Wall Dimensions: 177" x 10'

Picture Dimensions:

Framing Options:   Metal (framed or unframed).  Either one large picture or a collage would work.  The back wall is also a large space that lends itself to another panoramic or a collage of smaller pictures.  

Below are a bunch of other photo options that can be used in exchange of some of my examples or in different areas of your facility later on.  There a lot of long hallways in which the long panormamics would work best.  

As for the dog portraits, you can scatter them around or put them all in one place.  I was thinking one in your office since that seems like their hang out spot but there are few places they would work.  

Please let me know if you have any questions and you can expect anywhere from 3-6 weeks after we order for delivery.  



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