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I offer a variety of unique photographs to assist stagers find the perfect wall art to complete a project and make it warm and welcoming.  Sizes vary from 5"x7" to 40" x 60" and a number of different mediums are available.  

My inventory is constantly changing but you can find a mostly complete list of it here.  Please contact me on information on specific pieces to and check availability.  

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Pricing Option 1

Monthly Rentals

Standard pricing for rental options is done on a monthly basis and available nationwide.  It is calculated off of 10% of the suggested retail or sale price with a $150 monthly minimum.  Shipping and installation may be an additional charge.  

Contracts are usually done on a 90 day basis but can be changed if needed.  If the rental fee surpasses the retail price of the art, it is yours to keep.  

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Pricing Option 2

Wholesale Purchases

If there is artwork which you like and wish to keep using repeatedly, you may be able to purchase it outright at a discounted price.  This also applies to images that I do not currently have in my inventory.  Please contact me about any such inquires.  

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