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About The Divine Designer – Diana Verduzco

Diana is the Principal Designer and Spiritual Practitioner of Los Angeles based interior design firm, Divine Design. She brings an intuitive approach to design, guiding clients to awaken their ability for a soul-space connection, and ultimately, Find their Om, at Home™.

Diana holds degrees in Interior Design and Business, and is a certified Feng Shui practitioner. She incorporates practices rooted in Feng Shui, Ayurveda, and Kundalini Yoga, as well as various sacred modalities such as color theory, crystal healing, numerology, aromatherapy and much more, in order to transform spaces into truly healing sanctuaries.

Incorporating Jeff’s photography into her designs adds a natural dimension to the projects. "When I first came across Jeff's photography, I knew I had found someone who could capture the Earth's elements in a really captivating, artistic, and emotional way," says Diana.

To learn more about Diana and Divine Design, please visit TheDivineDesigner.com, or @thedivinedesigner on social media.

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